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1Voice Brookville Recovery Walk

1Voice Brookville Recovery Walk

Putting a face to recovery is key in combating the addiction epidemic.

On Saturday, April 8th, 1Voice hosted the ‘1Voice Brookville Recovery Walk‘ in Brookville Indiana. Brookville is a small rural community located in southeastern Indiana that is battling the opioid epidemic. Like many rural towns touched by the epidemic, this community has little to no resources available for those seeking recovery. 1Voice decided to organize and take the face of recovery to the streets in this town. 

Advocates from all over came to this town to help them see that we can and do recover. The walk began with a large group of advocates taking to the main streets of downtown Brookville to help the residents see that support is available and to help put a face to recovery. As the group made it’s way through town, many residents cheered and showed appreciation as the walk made its way through town. The walk was escorted by a police cruiser and fire truck. Many of us have had the police and emergency responders coming to us for assistance or to make an arrest – this time, they were leading the way for us to share our messages of recovery and hope! 

Messages of hope and support were chanted by the walk participants as we continued through the town. Many also carried posters with inspirational messages about recovery. The walk came to an end at the local park. This is where the rally for recovery began. This rally consisted of educational and supported booths presented by the Midwest Chapter of ‘Not One More’ and ‘Indiana Addictions Issues Coalition’ along with food, refreshments and guest speakers. 

The main focus of the rally was the messages of hope and recovery that all the guest speakers shared. Speakers included Andrew Hager and Todd Barrick who are members of  Recovery Radio FM, Michael Pack from the F*ck Heroin Foundation, Jamie Smith aka Sober Jai, Nate Rush with ICAADA, Kimberly Miller with Indiana Addictions Issues Coalition and local residents. Below is Kimberly Miller sharing her message of Hope.

It was truly inspiring for all those in attendance to hear each speaker share their hope and passion for recovery. The speakers were able to convey that we can and do recover through their personal stories and motivating words. To see so many advocates from all over the country come together in rural Indiana continued to show that the recovery movement is about unity and coming together to let society know that we are here to help those who want to recover from substance use issues. 

Clips from the speaker rally are included in the YouTube Playlist – click to check them out.

Walk Photo Gallery

Photo Credits: C Todd Creations

Below are the fliers for 1Voice’s upcoming second annual Rockin’ For Recovery event in Lawrenceburg, IN.

Rockin' For Recovery Poster

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