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1Voice: Putting Words Into Action

1Voice continues to promote recovery in Dearborn County, Indiana.

1Voice is an advocacy organization located in Dearborn County, Indiana. They are a grassroots movement to help remove the stigmas and barriers so many in recovery face. This organization host many events each year to help raise awareness and funds for the addiction crisis that is crippling their community and the nation as a whole.

1 VOICE provides Peer Recovery Support services. Helping all people whose lives have been affected by substance use for over 6 years. We are highly passionate and dedicated in helping others find their paths to Recovery. By providing education, training, advocacy and support, we can decrease the stigma and better improve ourselves, families, and communities. Come join us in raising awareness and funds to support our cause!

Above is a video created by 1Voice Vice President Aaron Spaulding to help show others what 1Voice is about. Aaron had this to say about the video.

“Anyone who has doubts that recovery is possible please take a look at this new video. Not only is it possible but it is powerful and motivating people to help others. Once part of the problem we are now part of the solution. People all around are stepping up, and a community is uniting against this disease. So grateful to be part of something so amazing. There has been so much progress but we have so much more to do.. Let’s keep the fire burning and keep this Recovery Movement rolling!! If you want to get involved on any upcoming events please get in touch at 1Voicedearborncounty@gmail.
Please share to let everyone in the community and surrounding communities know what 1Voice is doing and about. Also let them see just how committed the recovery community is and for those struggling how much support is out there. Step up, Speak out, and save lives!!! Get involved we need your help!!”


One way 1Voice provides peer support is by their ‘Challenge 2 Change‘ meeting.┬áHere is 1Voice’s description of the meeting:

Challenge 2 Change was started approximately 6 1/2 years ago. It is a peer support group, in which we learn and share experiences with each other so that we may change old behaviors that lead to criminal conduct and substance use. We learn a C.B.T. approach to in addressing our old negative thought patterns that keep us from a pro-social life that we strive hard for. This has been a huge key process in my recovery. This evidenced-based practice was not offered when I was released from treatment. I was motivated to start this peer support group to give this opportunity to others with hope that
they may benefit their recovery as well as I have. I know how difficult it can be to maintain recovery, but we can and do stay ahead of our diseases with positive support from others that know what it is like to face the struggle. If you are reading this, and you know someone struggling with finding their recovery path, bring them to check out our groups. You can come as well! This group is free and open to anyone who has a willingness for improvement in their lives. Come challenge yourself to change for the better.

As mentioned, 1Voice is active in their community and holds several events each year to help raise awareness and funds for recovery. They also hold these events to show society that recovery is possible and we do recover. These events are a great way to be involved and to show people that there is a life and excitement outside of addiction.

Below are the fliers for 1Voice’s next community events:

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