The Herren Project

The Herren Project shares on advocacy

The Herren Project founder Chris Herren

Chris Herren sat down for an interview with Heroes in Recovery to discuss his organization and advocacy for recovery.

The Heroes In Recovery team had the privilege to sit down with Chris Herren, former NBA player and collegiate star, and founder of The Herren Project, to talk about his role in educating teens about drug awareness and his outlook for continuing the movement to break the stigma surrounding addiction in 2017. With the continued addiction epidemic that is crippling our nation, it’s necessary to educate our youth and society in general on addiction. We must move to put a face on recovery and show society that addiction is a disease and not a moral shortcoming as many believe. By continuing to have individuals speak up and teach the truths about addiction, we can begin to remove the stigmas that come with addiction. Chris Herren is a needed and welcomed advocate for recovery. Read the whole interview by clicking ‘Read More’.

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