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Drug Overdose Numbers Increase In Ripley County

Margaret Mary Health

Prescription drug abuse is a problem through all of Indiana.

Regardless of where you go in Indiana, drug overdoses are becoming incredibly common. It has now become the norm to see stories of overdose in the daily news feed. In rural counties, such as Ripley county in Southeastern Indiana, resources are limited to deal with these daily occurring overdoses. For many who live in more populated communities, we can not fathom only having one hospital for our county. This is the case for Ripley County. Margaret Mary Health, in Batesville, is the only hospital for all of Ripley County. Margaret Mary Health sends a community needs assessment to the residents of Ripley and Franklin county every three years. In 2016, substance abuse became the #1 most significant health needs.

At a February 23rd health forum sponsored by MMH and Stayin’ Alive, Margaret Mary Health’s community health director Geralyn Litzinger detailed the guidelines to reduce prescription drug abuse. 

“Our mission is to improve the health of the communities we serve, and substance abuse is a big part of that. I’m concerned, and I’m passionate about this,”

The Batesville Herald Tribune wrote an in-depth article that details Margaret Mary Health’s plan and also about what was discussed at the health forum. Please click ‘Read More’ below to read the full article.

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