ethan embry opioid addiction

‘Empire Records’ Star, Ethan Embry, Reveals Past Opioid Addiction

ethan embry opioid addiction

Ethan Embry, through a series of tweets, reveals his battle with opioid addiction.

Ethan Embry, who has starred in films such as ‘Empire Records’, ‘Can’t Hardly Wait’ and ‘The Walking Dead’, recently revealed through a series of tweets that he has battled black tar heroin and opioid addiction. Ethan also stated that he was opening up about his on his 6 year anniversary of ‘beginning his kick’ (getting clean).

These tweets were in response to news  Attorney General Jeff Sessions has ordered federal prosecutors to seek the harshest criminal penalties for drug offenders.

The memo Embry mentions was released on May 10th, and references the charges and sentencing policy towards drug offenders, which has garnered backlash. Many feel this attitude towards addiction is a major step backwards in the fight against substance use. Ethan then continued on with his feelings about this subject.

After opening up about his substance use issues, Ethan offered hope to those who are still struggling. He also urged any who were having a rough time to ‘DM’ (direct message) him and he would offer peer support.


As we continue to fight against the stigma’s and barriers that are at the forefront of fighting against substance use, it has become apparent more and more of us are stepping out of the shadows and voicing our opinions. It’s time that society see’s that we CAN and DO recover!

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