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Food 4 Souls Is Looking To Hire An Outreach Advocate

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Part-Time Outreach Advocate


Food 4 Souls mission is to go out and serve our homeless community with unconditional love and acceptance by providing Hope in Christ, meeting daily needs and aligning resources to those who are ready to move into a life beyond homelessness.


The reentry of friends without homes into our society at large is better facilitated through supportive relationship with people who are outside the street culture or recovery setting. The Outreach Advocate is essentially a friend who begins to walk with someone as they transition from life on the street to life in society at large. The Outreach Advocate reports directly to the Advocacy Director.


The current position available is for up to 20 hours per week.



  1. Visit friends without homes mid-week to follow-up on requests from the Sunday service teams, provide spiritual counsel (as appropriate), and keep building relationships.
  2. Follow-up with friends without homes who are ready to make the transition off the street and connect them with the right resources to help them make that transition.
  3. Work with the Advocacy Director to develop relationships with professional service providers to better understand how their system works and how to best navigate the system with our friends transitioning out of homelessness.
  4. Meet with the Advocacy Director and Community Relations Director regularly to keep each other updated on their parts of the ministry and coordinate strategies.
  5. Determine a plan of action for team leads when they encounter individuals on a Sunday who are ready get off the streets.
  6. Assess camps to determine if there is a need to still serve there or move to another location.
  7. Attend meetings within the service provider/faith based community that are critical in helping those we serve and for developing partnerships.


Qualities Needed:

  1. Commitment to being a friend to the people Food 4 Souls serves.
  2. Agreement with the values and goals of Food 4 Souls.
  3. A vibrant personal relationship with Christ.
  4. Ability to work as a team.
  5. An attitude of cooperation with case workers and professional service providers involved in your friend’s life.
  6. Reliable transportation.

Please send your resume and/or any related questions about the postion to Leon Longard:

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