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Indiana Dad Speaks About Son’s Overdose

US heroin epidemic

A father shares about his son's struggles with addiction.

Fox 59 in Central Indiana has taken a strong focus on the opioid epidemic that has been running rampant through Indiana. They regularly push stories of addiction into the forefront of the mainstream news. A key focus of their stories tend to be of how addiction wrecks havoc on everyone around the person with substance use issues and not just the person themselves. As the addiction epidemic is pushed more to the forefront of society, hopefully people will begin to help end stigmas and barriers associated with addiction. As we continue to advocate for those who are in recovery or are still battling addiction, we can implement plans to help combat this addiction crisis. Recently, Fox 59 sat down with a local father who lost his son to a heroin overdose. Click ‘Read More’ below to read a fathers tale of his sons addiction and struggle to afford the medicated assisted treatment that could help him in his recovery.

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