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Indiana Recovery Coach Tells Her Message Of Hope

Indiana recovery coach Melissa

Melissa opens up and helps show others that recovery is possible.

I met Melissa roughly a month ago at the ‘Hope Over Dope’ peer recovery group that is held weekly in Austin, Indiana. I noticed that when she arrived she went around and talked with several people and came over and introduced herself to me. I could tell she had a passion for recovery by how she made sure to make everyone feel welcome and at ease. Her and I chatted for a few minutes and she had a very positive vibe. During our conversation she shared with me she is a trained recovery coach and worked at an area treatment center. 

” I Just love carrying the message of hope. This town needs more recovery.” 

As the group discussion progressed, Melissa shared her experience, strength and hope with others and offered positive feedback to things group participants shared. If you haven’t had the pleasure of attending a peer support meeting in Austin, then I suggest you try to make arrangements. The group meets every Friday night from 6:30-8pm at Hope 2 Others. At this meeting, there’s great home cooked food and peer support from the area community. It’s great to see a community come together and offer support to those around that recovery is possible, regardless of your situation.

With local peers like Melissa, the community can see examples of recovery and how we can be successful. Monika Spaulding at  recently wrote a great article about Melissa’s story as encouragement to others that we can and do recover. Melissa is an example that by peers being active in the recovery community, we can offer strength to those who need it most. Click ‘Read More’ below to check out this great article and interview with Melissa. 

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