Indiana Recovery Network debuts

Uniting all recovery supports to enhance our recovery community

Indiana Recovery Network made it’s debut after the 2018 INARMS conference in Indianapolis, Indiana. IRN is envisioned to be a network of recovery related resources and providers to share information, connect and assist those seeking and in recovery.

The IRN conference consisted Indiana Addiction Issues Coalition’s Director Brandon George welcoming everyone and explaining the purpose of Indiana Recovery Network. Next up was Executive Direct of NextLevel Recovery Jim McClelland to update everyone on the importance of the recovery efforts from everyone in the state of Indiana. Amy Brinkley, Bureau Chief of Consumer and Family Affairs for DMHA then explained the community needs for recovery supports and not just treatment options. Christy Crowder was next to present on the Wabash Valley Recovery Center Recovery Community Organization in Terre Haute Indiana,  and explained what an RCO is and how to become one.

Lori Croasdell, Coordinator of CEASe of Scott County, discussed the recovery efforts in Scott County Indiana and how they have built an effective Recovery Community Organization.

A key component to recovery is the effective use of peer supports. Justin Beattey, Manager of Peer Supports for Indiana Addiction Issues Coalition, presented on the newly created Indiana Association of Peer Recovery Support Services (IAPRSS). IAPRSS is a state association to assist with the advancement of the  profession of peer recovery support services.

Savannha Brenneke, Director of policy and research for Overdose Lifeline, presented with information on policy updates for the upcoming Indiana legislature session.

The event closed with Brandon George discussing the next steps in the formation of Indiana Recovery Network and inviting everyone in attendance to share about this network and stay involved to assist with building our recovery supports and connections in Indiana.

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