Justin B recovery

Justin’s Story of Redemption


Since I first started drinking and using, I did it to excess. Any chance I could, I would use and/or drink. In high school it started to affect my performance in school. I was suspended multiple times and regularly in trouble at home. This trend continued throughout high school but I did graduate. I enrolled in college and attended from time to time. I started drinking and using on a far more regular basis at this point. I withdrew from school and moved out on my own. This new found freedom gave my addiction the ability to fully grow. I used and drank on a daily basis, pretty much to excess each day. I was able to be successful in my work career somehow through this cycle of active addiction so that helped me deceive myself that addiction wasn’t an issue. I had multiple arrests through the years, yet many resulted in fines or slaps on the wrist. In my mid twenties, I ran into serious legal trouble, based upon my addiction, and was convicted of my first felony. I continued a life of active addiction after this conviction and went to prison a few years later. I still did not admit I had a problem and continued active addiction upon release.

In early 2014, I was arrested again and faced my second felony conviction. I continued down my path of addiction after this arrest for a few months until I hit my personal bottom. After waking up from a blackout in an ER and getting multiple staples in my head, I knew something had to change. From that point, I pursued a change to my life.

I discovered recovery and all the great things that come along with it. I became active in my recovery by not only admitting my substance use issues, but also realizing that I also had to change my outlook and attitude towards everything in life. I realized that as I continued to work on myself and my character flaws, I began to see a real change in my life. I saw that by having positive actions and reactions to life, situations may not always go the way I want, but I could know that I did the best I could to positively affect the outcome.

Recovery has saved my life. It has given me a direction to follow that helps ensure that I am a positive, productive member of society. Bottom line, without my recovery, I will lose everything I have worked so hard to regain.

The path isn’t easy all the time but the journey is well worth the effort.

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