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Being A Medic In The Addiction Crisis

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A medic talks about his experiences in Dayton, Ohio.

Addiction affects far more than just the person who has substance use issues. Whether its family, friends or co-workers, the grasp and affects of addiction are far reaching. One group many don’t think about when talking about the effects of the addiction crisis gripping our nation are the First Responders. First Responders regularly have to provide assistance to several situations that arise from addiction. Regardless of if it is an overdose, turmoil caused by an active user or one of many other circumstances that arise from addiction, a First Responder is regularly at the forefront of helping find a solution. As our education on addiction and how to handle those who are affected rises, so does the compassion and training that First Responders learn.

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Recently, thecombochief.com spoke with an EMS provider in Dayton Ohio. This indepth interview gives us some insight to what EMS see on a regular basis and their views on the addiction/opioid epidemic. Throughout the interview, the EMS worker is candid in his responses They speak of how archaic the old approach was to dealing with an overdose and how the new found approaches show compassion and help the person affected. It is very easy for anyone to say that a situation should be handled a certain way or that ‘this or that’ should happen. It helps to understand the views of all parties involved and to learn reasons behind certain actions being taken. Please take a few minutes to read this introspective interview. It may help all of us gain a little understanding of what First Responders are doing and how they feel about dealing with the opioid crisis. Click ‘Read More’ below to have the opportunity to gain insight on these situations.

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