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Medication Assisted Recovery: One of many ways to recovery

Road To Recovery

The idea that there are many pathways to recovery is one that should be common place not just accepted.

The acceptance that there are many pathways to recovery is common with many recovery advocates. There are a diverse amount of roads to recovery and medication assisted recovery is one that is becoming more common each day. Huffington Post recently wrote an interesting article about moving from an attitude of tolerance to one of nurturance and how that is possible. As an ally for those in recovery, it’s crucial for us to be accepting of all pathways rather than just those that have worked for us. What works for one person in recovery may not work for the other. It’s necessary for us to nurture an attitude of acceptance and understanding towards any path an individual chooses for themselves in recovery. If you are a person in recovery, unfortunately we know all too well the stigmas and bias that come with the territory. We must be sure we are not adding unnecessary stigmas and bias within our own community by forcing our own personal beliefs on any individual who feels that medication assisted recovery is necessary to help them on their recovery journey. Take a minute to read this article and see if you are helping promote multiple pathways to recovery. Click ‘Read More’ for the full Huffington Post article.

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