Michaels recovery story

Michael’s Story of Recovery

Recovery provides us with moments to cherish.

Recovery has been great for me. A chance to live a second life in this lifetime. I have served many fellowships during the course of my recovery. The part that comes to the forefront is going to Westville Correctional Center every Sunday to host a recovery meetings for the clients. The Joy of hearing “Sir, you are free to leave” never got old.

One event that happened that really hits home was, much like any other normal Sunday evening. I had gone inside through the usual search procedures, bused over to the Educational Unit, waited for the arrivals of the participants. Two hours later, I was heading home. The door in front of me slowly open as usual, I step inside. Not paying attention to ¬†my surrounding, I heard the same door close behind me. The door in front of me which would have secured my freedom did not open. After several moments, I look up to see why. There stood my cousin who I had not seen for a long time. Many thoughts pass through the mind in such a short period of time. She asked “Michael, do you remember how you treated me as a little girl?” The sudden flash back of memories. I said yes, “I treated you very well.” She said “you are right” and pushed the button to open the door to set me free.

Times like this, is when I am glad to be in recovery.

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