moms drug addiction

More Moms Suffer From Prescription Drug Addiction

moms drug addiction

Painkiller addiction usually starts with medication given after an injury or surgery.

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Many people get surprised upon finding out a mother suffers from drug or alcohol abuse. It’s as if the shame and guilt are worse for moms, simply because they’re often viewed as selfless individuals who put their family above everything else. Moms, however, are just as vulnerable as everyone else. In fact, many of them fall victim to a new drug epidemic. An increasing number of moms are addicted to prescription medications.

According to a 2008 survey, 18 million women at least the age of 26 take prescription medications for unintended purposes. Some of the most common culprits include sedatives, muscle relaxants, and opioid painkillers. For many, their addiction problems started out innocently enough; they received a prescription from their doctors because of a legitimate health issue, but have since used the medications even after treatment.

It’s also alarming to look at the numbers of substance abuse problems. Addiction to alcohol, heroin, and marijuana hasn’t been increasing for years, but addiction to prescription medications has been on the rise over the same period. Sure, it’s easier than ever to find a rehab center with the help of websites like Rehab Report, but the key is preventing the problem in the first place.

If you suspect that somebody close to you suffers from prescription drug addiction, it helps to observe some telltale signs and symptoms. The list includes excessive sleeping, moodiness, forgetfulness, avoiding social interactions, and neglecting responsibilities. It’s also worth learning about the factors that increase vulnerability to drug abuse.

Experts say that four things can cause a mother to succumb to prescription drug addiction: past trauma such as being abused as a child, a family history of drug abuse problems, a history of drug or alcohol addiction, and the presence of mental health conditions such as depression.

This explains why many moms suffer from drug abuse after bearing a child. The stress of motherhood can take its toll on women, increasing their vulnerability to addiction. Any period of heightened stress increases the risk of using and depending on prescription drugs to feel better.

Another reason for the rise of this epidemic is the ease with which prescription drugs can be purchased. In the US, particularly, opiate painkillers can be had easily wherever you live. Some moms even go so far as to lie to their doctors just to get a prescription. Online pharmacies also give access to addictive medications without requiring a prescription from buyers. This increase in supply has had a direct impact on the increase of prescription drug abuse problems.

It’s essential to understand that just because prescription drugs are provided by the doctor and approved by the FDA doesn’t mean they are safer compared to other addictive substances such as crack and heroin. The active ingredients in these medications can build tolerance, forcing you to crave for more just to get the same effects. This increases the risk of overdosing, which can prove life-threatening. Before things get out of hand, make sure to take action and find a trained leader to intervene and a trusted rehab facility in which the patient can receive adequate care and attention.

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