NAD therapy

New Treatment Claims to take Cravings Away

Emerald Neuro-Recover Center in Carmel, Indiana uses a new treatment to help those with substance use issues.

Emerald Neuro-Recover Center is utilizing a new approach to help those with substance use issues deal with their craving and begin a life of recovery. This new approach is called NAD therapy.

NAD is a breakthrough treatment for Addiction, Depression, PTSD, Stress and Chronic Fatigue the has proven to be fast, safe and effective. NAD Infusion Therapy is utilized to eliminate cravings, minimize withdrawal and restore well being.

NAD Therapy directly addresses the chemical damage in the brain that drugs and alcohol caused. Brain cells send signals to one another using a variety of chemicals neurotransmitters. (Serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine are examples of these). A neurotransmitter is emitted by one cell and is picked up by specialized receptors on neighboring cells. These normal nerve pathways cease to function properly in those suffering from addiction. NAD aids in the restoration of healthy brain function.

The treatment involved several days of uninterrupted IV treatments. These IV treatments are given by a slow drip which requires 6 to 10 hours a day. By prolonged daily exposure to high levels of amino acids penetrating the brain, many are able to stop ‘cold turkey’ on the first day of treatment. While some withdrawal symptoms may be felt, most find that it is much less severe than doing it without the assistance of amino acids. Patients generally found that their anxiety and cravings associated with their using were gone by the 4th to 6th day of treatment. After this, the second phase begins to restore the persons enthusiasm, memory, sleep quality, mental capacity and energy. 

Greg Holman was the first patient to receive this treatment at Emerald Neuro-Recover Center roughly a year ago. Greg had been in active addiction for many years and had multiple stints in rehab. He was introduced the NAD therapy and figured he had nothing else to lose so he gave it a try.

“By day 10 I felt like a brand new person. I know it`s kind of hard to understand after 10 days. But my anxiety was minimum to none, my depression was gone, my thoughts and my compulsions about using were gone,” Holman said

Emerald Neuro-Recover Center is the first clinic to offer the treatment in central Indiana. Joe Pappas opened the center after losing his own son to a drug overdose.

“A significant part of my grieving process has come through here and has turned to joy when I see other people being helped,” Pappas said.

And seeing Greg become the man he was meant to be all along.

“I don’t get any more joy out of anything than coming in here and see somebody get their life back and see the progressive stages day by day seeing their smile come back, seeing their appetite come back, seeing who they really are come back and it’s a phenomenal thing,” Holman said.

The center has treated 24 patients with an 87% success rate. The treatment is pricey sitting around $15,000. Emerald Neuro-Recover Center is working with insurance companies to try to get it covered and other local groups that could help them get grant money.

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