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NHL Blackhawk Jordin Tootoo relishes the sober life

jordin tootoo

NHL Hockey player Jordin Tootoo shares about his recovery.

Chicago Blackhawks player Jordin Tootoo fell into the throughs of addiction as a teenager. In this interview with The Chicago Tribune, Jordin opens up about his ‘past life’, as he refers to it, and all the great things recovery has brought since he decided to change his life for the better.

“Growing up, it was just a part of life,” Tootoo says. “For a lot of people in the north and in isolated communities it’s a way of life to use and abuse drugs and alcohol. Basically what I knew growing up was to … wash away (everything) and not talk about it.” Jordin lets us in on what happened in his life, including how his addiction grew, and what happened to lead him to his life of recovery.

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