“Know The O Facts” anti-stigma campaign is looking for personal stories


Recovery Is Possible and our stories help show that!

The state of Indiana has spearheaded an anti-stigma campaign that is going full steam ahead. The anti-stigma campaign is called Know the O Facts and the O references Opioids. As part of the stigma campaign we have begun to collect recovery stories from people affected by Opioids whether it’s a person directly affected, whether it’s a family member, a close friend, a co-worker, or a First Responder. We want to hear real live stories on how people are affected by Opioid Use Disorder. We are now looking at scheduling some video shoots to capture more recovery stories. We are looking at visiting Lafayette Indiana one day and Indianapolis Indiana another day.

If you are interested in participating or know someone who is willing to share their story on camera, please read below. Filming will be scheduled soon.

We are currently looking at ONE of the following 3 dates and times:

  • 8/31/18;  9-12 noon
  • 8/31/18; 1-3pm
  • 9/5/18; 9-12 noon
  • 9/5/18; 1-3pm
  • 9/6/18; 9- 12 noon
  • 9/6/18; 1-3pm

Keep in mind this is a ONE DAY ONLY FILMING EVENT.

If you are interested please get back to Amy Brinkley asap with the following information:

  •  Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Location (Lafayette or Indy)
  • Date/Time Availability

You may reach out to Amy Brinkley with any questions.

Email: amy.brinkley@fssa.in.gov

Phone: 317-234-3182

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