Peer Recovery Coach Standards & Supervisory Competencies Now Available!

peer recovery coach standards supervisor competencies

Peer Recovery Coach Professional Standards & Supervision Competencies

The following publications are now available, to help individuals and organizations understand the expected professional standards for Peer Recovery Coaches (PRC) and their supervision.

Peer Recovery Coach Professional Standards

PRC Standards for Professional Practice – This publication outlines a scope of practice and essence of the Peer Recovery Coach role, defining standards for professional practice.

Peer Recovery Coach Supervision Competencies

PRC Supervision Competencies – This publication sets a framework for identified peer recovery coach supervision competencies and implementation of practices to provide effective, ethical and supportive Peer Recovery Coach supervision.


These standards were developed with the input of a state advisory board that consisted of Peer Recovery Coach industry and behavioral health leaders from the state of Indiana and also included input and feedback from the peer recovery community. This effort was funded by the Indiana State Division of Mental Health and Addiction, and was created by Indiana Addictions Issues Issues Coalition (IAIC), Indiana Association of Peer Recovery Support Services (IAPRSS) and Overdose Lifeline, Inc.

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