Peer Recovery Coaches prove valuable in fighting addiction

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Peer recovery coaching is quickly showing how valuable an asset it can be in recovery.

Peer Recovery Coaching has proven itself to be a much needed asset in the fight against addiction in our nation. As many in recovery know, having a peer that’s been through similar situations is necessary to help a person in recovery realize they are not alone. It gives the person someone to process situations with and get real life advice on how that person has dealt with life through recovery. Peer recovery coaching allows people who are in recovery the opportunity to help fight addiction by sharing their experience, strength and hope that we can and do recover. Peer recovery coaches can assist an individual with removing barriers that may present themselves during a persons recovery. Whether the person needs help finding housing, finding employment, a empathetic ear to listen, figuring out which road to recovery is best for the person or any of the other many situations that arise in recovery, a Peer coach can offer resources and guidance to help figure these things out.  Peer coaching is a movement that is taking the country by storm and proving to be an immense ally in the fight against addiction. CNN recently wrote an article on Peer Recovery Coaching and how much a person can benefit from being involved with a coach. Click here to read this in depth look at Peer Coaching and how successful it can be.

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