IAPRSS – Empowering the Peer Support Profession


Learn what IAPRSS is doing to grow the peer support profession!

Indiana Association of Peer Recovery Support Services (IAPRSS) is a membership association for both advocates and trained or certified peer support professionals. The IAPRSS mission is to advance the profession of peer recovery support services through support, advocacy and education.

Becoming a member offers many benefits. IAPRSS is an industry leader in:

  • Connection to employment opportunities
  • Professional development
  • Access to continuing education opportunities
  • Peer support profession support group
  • Community/Organization education on peer supports, including workforce development
  • Best practices and proper supervision education
  • Many more exciting opportunities

IAPRSS is currently working with multiple communities and organizations to assist with education on what peer supports are, how to create, implement and maintain successful peer support programs and continue to build the peer support workforce.

IAPRSS continues to offer professional development plan creation for both aspiring peers and peer support professionals along with access to educational opportunities that will assist the peer with growing within their role.

IAPRSS, in a partnership with Indiana Recovery Network, is working towards creating a digital platform for peers to interact with each other to share best practices, recommendations, forums for peer support related conversations, ability to share documents and resources and access to industry experts to find solutions to situations you are dealing with. This is a small sample of the digital platforms capabilities.

Interested in becoming a member and gaining access to all these benefits and opportunities? For a limited time, use the discount code : support to receive 50% off your first year of membership!

We look forward to welcoming you as a new member of Indiana Association of Peer Recovery Support Services !

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