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Recovery Coaches help keep those addicted out of legal trouble

connect for life

We have a problem we are not going to' arrest our way out of'......

Napersville Illinois Deputy Police Chief Jason Arres has realized his town has a problem and wants to do something about it. The Napersville community recognizes that substance use and addiction is an issue and “obviously a problem that’s afflicting our community, and one that we’re not going to ‘arrest our way out of,'” Arres said. “We need to work to identify a variety of solutions to solve that problem. In this case, it’s police offering help to those addicted to drugs (by) partnering with other community organizations and sobriety coaches to get people the help they need.”

Connect For Life is a program in Illinois that looks to help addicts steer clear of the criminal justice system by offering treatment as an alternative. Illinois has made it simple for addicts  to get help. Addicts or family members can simply go to a Police Station or call a station and mention the Connect For Life program. That simple action helps get the ball rolling on getting the help the addict needs.

Jamie Horner, a Napersville police social workers stated, “Typically, we try to have the individual be met by a member of social services and (a police) officer first, (and) then have a recovery coach do the actual intervention into treatment.’ As she continued to talk about the program as also mentioned, “We attempt to get the individual into treatment as soon as possible,” she said. To date, “the response time has been within the same day, if not a few hours.”

When asked about how to track the success of the program, Horner said, “Due to the nature of addiction, it is difficult to ascertain ‘success,’ since recovery is a day-by-day process that will go on for the remainder of the (addict’s) life.” She also added, “The important statistic is the Connect for Life program has connected nine individuals to treatment that they may not have otherwise had access to.”

Deputy Chief Arres final thought on the project was, “I call it a success whenever someone comes in and is willing to seek help.”


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