Peer Recovery Coaching

Your Journey Begins Here!

This is where your journey begins, with hope, courage and strength.

For long-lasting recovery, it’s critical to find community and connection.

But, the journey starts with that first step that only you can take.


The great news is you don’t have to make this journey alone!

What is a Recovery Coach?

Recovery Coaches are specially trained, non-clinical individuals who work with you on an individual basis. They can extend the reach of treatment beyond clinical settings and assist even if you cannot or are unable to enter treatment for a number of reasons.

Recovery Coaches are peers who have experienced addiction first-hand in their own life or in the lives of family or friends around them. Armed with this shared experience and extensive training, they are able to support you in recovery by sharing their experience, strength, & hope.

Recovery Coaches assist you in finding ways to stop using and reduce harm associated with addictive behaviors. They work with you to develop an individualized recovery plan focused on your personal goals.

Recovery Coaches provide strength-based support by encouraging you to make self-guided decisions about your own recovery. They empower you to remove the barriers and obstacles associated with recovery. Recovery Coaches can also identify and reduce risks associated with relapse.

Recovery Coaches work with you to ensure your recovery is integrated within your primary care or behavioral health needs. You’re also encouraged to involve your family and community in your recovery plans.

Recovery Coaches receive 30 hours of initial training focusing on skill domains, advocacy, mentoring, education, recovery and wellness support, as well as ethical responsibilities. They also have an option to become a Certified Addiction PEER Recovery Coach (CAPRC), including an additional 24 hours of training, 25 hours of supervision and 500 hours of volunteer or paid work experience.

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