Recovery Community Organizations

Statewide Network of Peer-Based Services

Long-term recovery for Hoosiers and their families requires a statewide network of organizations with peer recovery support services.

From the beginning, our goal is to develop sustainable, integrated resources & networks throughout the State.

A major step in this direction is the formation of the Indiana Recovery Network, with its inaugural meeting in September 2018.

We are promoting the integrated use of peer recovery services in integrated primary care or behavioral health settings. We offer training assistance, mentoring and other support for Recovery Community Organizations.

For more information, contact Heather Rodriguez,  Manager of Recovery Community Development at or 317-638-3501 ext. 1234 – or use the contact form below.

A Shift in Thinking

Peer Recovery Indiana reflects a shift in how we think of substance use and/or mental health concerns. We are part of a national movement...

Around the State of Indiana, there is a growing network of public and private behavioral health agencies, faith-based organizations, and community and privately-funded support organizations who embrace peer recovery support services. These include:

Peer-Based Services

We are seeing many creative ways in which organizations use peer-based support services. They can be easily and effectively integrated throughout the continuum of care, including prevention, early intervention, treatment, continuing care and recovery.

Examples of Peer Recovery Support Services include:

Peer Recovery Coaching

Peer-Facilitated Groups

Resource Connectors

Community Health Workers

Peer-Operated Recovery Community Centers

Certified Recovery Specialist

Forensic Peer Specialist

Peer Recovery Indiana not only coordinates and deploys training and coaching services, we also work with organizations who want to introduce or expand peer-based services for their clients.

Professional Standards & Competencies

The following publications are available, to help individuals and organizations understand the expected professional standards for Peer Recovery Coaches (PRC) and their supervision.

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