sober rappers

Staying Sober: 7 Rappers Who Say No To The Bottle

sober rappers

These artist choose not to partake in the partying lifestyle many in their industry glorify.

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Just say no

We’re almost at the end of the year, but before we get there, some of us are changing a few habits to better ourselves. Take me for instance, I’ve decided to embark on what I like to call #SoberOctober: That means, during the entire month of October, I’m shying away from alcoholic beverages. It’s been pretty hard, and even though we’re almost to the end of the month, it’s getting even harder saying no to a shot of Jameson or a sip of Stella Artois.

But for some of our favorite rap stars, refusing a drink isn’t their toughest battle. Rappers are known to love that purple drank or dabble in weed, but there are some who’d rather go the sober route. In case you think you’ve never seen a rapper who doesn’t pop bottles in the club, feast your eyes on these hiphop stars.

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