opioid commission trump christie

Trump To Blueprint Opioid Commission

opioid commission trump christie

President Trump looks to combat the opioid epidemic.

President Trump has announced, through executive order, that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will lead the new national opioid commission. The executive order will also map out the commissions latest strategies towards the public health crisis.

The fight against the opioid epidemic is “one that’s incredibly important to every family in every corner of this country,” Christie said Wednesday in an interview with The Today Show, adding he and Trump “both care passionately about this issue and we want to save lives.”

“Addiction is a disease, and no life is disposable. We can help people by giving them appropriate treatment,” Christie said.

President Trump made the opioid crisis a talking point during his run towards the Presidency. It has yet to be stated exactly what this commission will do or its plan of action.

During Governor Christie’s ‘State of the State‘ address for 2017, he promised to combat the heroin addiction in New Jersey during his last days in office. Of the roughly hour and fifteen minute address, nearly an hour was focused solely on addiction. 

Christie signed an executive order that would provide him with more resources to battle what he has called a “public health crisis”. The executive order creates a task force on drug abuse control that will come up with ways to fight drug addiction — whether by changing regulations, amending statutes or recommending new laws

Key points of the order:

  • Directs the state Attorney General to limit initial prescription of opioids and set guidelines so any additional prescriptions require further medical consultation.
  • Ensures 18- and 19-year-olds with substance abuse problems can fill any vacancies in existing treatment facilities. 
  • Directs the state Commissioner of Education to develop a new curriculum for each grade that will teach students about the dangers of substance abuse.

Christie said he also plans to change zoning requirements so that towns can not turn away new sober homes. 

While working with the new national commission, Christie wants to eliminate barriers that prevent using Medicaid funds for those receiving inpatient substance abuse treatment in a facility with more than 16 beds.

Although little to no details are known about what the national commission will do, we should hope for the best with this step towards helping the nation towards recovery. Regardless of your political views, wanting there to be a strong national front in the fight against addiction should be a priority. 

President Trump also announced the commission through a tweet late Wednesday night.

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