women credits officer for saving life from addiction

Women Credits IMPD Officer With Saving Her Life By Arresting Her

Indianapolis women begins her life of recovery by being arrested 20 years ago.

Recently, WTHR-13 in Indianapolis, Indiana featured a story about a local woman who was arrested by the police 20 years ago for theft. She was stealing to help feed her crack addiction. This story is incredibly common for those with substance use issues. What you don’t expect is the person arrested to credit the officer with helping save their life from addiction.

As a person spirals down into the oblivion that is addiction, they will do anything necessary to feed that habit. Whether it’s lie, rob, cheat, sell their body or anything else that may help them get their next fix.

This story is personal to me because the officer in this story, Officer Bill Pang, was my next door neighbor growing up. Although several years older than me, I remember him always being friendly and involved in the community.  His mother still lives next door to my parents and I talk with her regularly. I see Bill from time to time and he is as friendly as could be.

This article and video from Channel 13 shows that simply being compassionate and showing empathy can make a huge difference in someone’s life. In a world where we see so much negativity towards those with substance use issues and the police, it’s refreshing to see a story that can show each in a positive light. Click ‘Read More’ to read this article and see the news story from WTHR.

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