yoga for addiction recovery

Could yoga be an asset to your personal recovery?

yoga for addiction recovery

Many in recovery have found yoga to be a valuable component to feeling better physically and mentally.

There are many facets to being successful in recovery. Many deal with the addiction side while not realizing the toll that years of addiction have caused to their bodies. It’s important to understand that all aspects of a person need to heal from the trauma’s of addiction.. As we continue to recover from our past, we generally find ourselves with more time. That time can be filled with many different activities. Whether a person chooses to participate in forms of fellowship, personal reflection and/or the numerous other options, many have decided to participate in yoga due the therapeutic benefits it provides.

Treatment facilities throughout the nation have implemented yoga into their recovery programs for years. The benefits yoga provides can be felt almost immediately to many people who participate. Yoga can be very relaxing and can help relieve stress, depression and anxiety. As many know, stress, anxiety and depression are common in people who are in ┬árecovery. Another added benefit of yoga is that it helps the person learn to calm their body and sit quietly while utilizing the techniques that are taught. This is a far cry from many people’s experiences while in active addiction.

Some yoga facilities have decided to take the benefits of yoga and recovery to the next level and incorporate recovery and the 12-steps directly into the programs they teach. Many tout yoga in general, and especially these recovery based yoga programs, as a cost-effective complimentary program in their recovery. Whether you are firmly grounded in your recovery or at the beginning stages, yoga could be an added benefit to your journey. Will you decide to see what people in recovery have already found out and begin to add yoga to your program of recovery? Click below to find a yoga studio near you!

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